OdySea Aquarium - OMG

Went to explore the new OdySea Aquarium this weekend.  WOW, just loved it.  Had a great time, it took me about 3 hours to explore everything.  I can't wait to see the dolphins when they come!!!!  And, I certainly am planning to do the SeaTrek adventure when I come back (it wasn't open).  It takes about 30-40 minutes to get there from Happy Trails if you take the freeway.  See the link in the Explore AZ tab at the top.

The heat is also starting to subside and the evenings are lovely.  The days not so much, but I know the summer is ending!!!

Enjoying a warm and bright sunny day :)

What a lovely day it is here in Arizona.  I had a slow and relaxing start to my day with a couple of cups of great coffee that were not in a travel mug!  I sat out on my patio and enjoyed the wonders of my backyard and the sounds of a morning full of chickens, cows and birds all around me.  I can't explain it, but the sound of a crowing rooster has such a soothing effect on me, crazy right.  Because I can tell you there is nothing soothing about a rooster who doesn't realize car lights are nothing to crow about at 2:00 a.m, but what can I say, I love that type of noise early in the morning, after I get out of bed of course.

Later today, I am going to Shamus O'Leary's Nursery with the hopes of getting a bay laurel tree, an Arizona avocado tree and possibly Barbados cherry tree.  Can you believe it, a cherry tree, which can grow cherries here in the Phoenix metropolitan area!  I have been watching Jake the Vegan Athletic's youtube videos for a while now and have seen Shamus O'Leary's videos as well.  The videos inspired me to finally track down the nursery and set up an appointment to visit.  After talking to Bill at the nursery about the avocado tree, I will have to wait until September to get my tree, but I hope to plant the cherry tree this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning.  I won't be putting the bay laurel into the ground, as I've decided to keep that in a pot with the hopes of controlling its growth.  (As I am fortunate to be in an area where we get irrigation I have planted over 25 fruit trees over the last 30 years, and for me there is always room for one more tree.  Although, I don't think my husband agrees as he traverses them while he is mowing the grass, but he tolerates my craziness.  Gosh, I just love my guy!!!)  So I am now off to buy trees.  See you all later . . .

Busy, busy, busy . . .

I apologize for being out of commission for so long, but so much to do, its a wonder that I actually accomplish anything. The weather in Phoenix has been amazing, warm and sunny.  This is actually one of my favorite times of year.  The smell of orange blossoms permanentes the air and it is so intoxicating.  Almost all the trees are blossoming as well and they are beautiful.  Spring training is also in full swing (pun intended!) and you can't beat a great baseball game with peanuts and cold drink.  Enjoy springtime in Phoenix!

Experience the Desert Sky at Night . . .

There are some exceptional ways to appreciate the desert night sky.  One includes an Astronomy dinner cruise on the "Dolly Steamboat" on the Salt River west of Phoenix.  There are several cruises to choose from but I love looking at the inky black sky and discovering the relationship between all those points of light in the sky.  My appreciation for the night sky was further enhanced by the on board astronomy expert "Dr. Sky" Steve Kates who shared the secrets of the night sky while on the dinner cruise.  If you love the night sky this is just the adventure you are looking for.  Here's the link http://www.dollysteamboat.com/cruises/astronomy-cruise.

Glendale's 2015 Best Street Food Festival

The fall season has finally arrived in Phoenix, YEAH BABY, and the summer's sweltering heat wave has finally given way to cool sweet days and nights.  We are pretty predictable, us Phoenicians.  The minute the temperature finally drops below a hundred degrees we swarm out of our houses like bees trapped in a winter's hive.  Farmer's Markets, events and festivals start popping up everywhere.  For this Phoenician, this weekend will be the 2015 Glendale's Best Street Food Festival at Murphy's Park in Glendale.  The line up of food vendors this year looks amazing.  The street food featured this year covers the globe, including English, Greek, French, African, Chinese, Japanese, Italian , French, and my favorite, Mexican!   And of course, there will be alcoholic beverage samples offered, my second favorite food.  If you are interested in attending, here's the link: https://beststreetfoodfest.com/.

On reflection of my thoughts here, I must admit, I think I have been in the desert sun too long.  Comparing cool sweet days to any day under a 100 degrees sounds crazy even to me, but that's the reality when you live in Phoenix.  When the summer kicks in, for me its air conditioned house, to air conditioned car to air conditioned office and back again.  This cycle repeats itself almost every day except when the weekend gets here.  Then its air conditioned movie theater and air conditioned shopping.  If you are lucky, on occasion, its air conditioned car to northern Arizona to the cool pines, then its nature's air conditioning.  And if you are really lucky, it's to the beach baby, San Diego, for a little relief.  To drive the point home, this summer on a particularly hot day, I think it was 116 degrees, my car started to over-heat and I knew I couldn't run my A/C for long without damaging the engine.  So I did what any Phoenician would do, I turned the A/C up to 85 degrees and watched the engine's heat gauge dropped to normal.  I must admit that A/C blowing 85 degrees felt like a cool breeze compared to the 116 outside my car.  So please forgive my skewed Phoenician perspective.   As always though, enjoy Arizona, whatever the temperature is.

Exploring Arizona

When you live in Arizona, it's easy to forget how spectacular Arizona really is and take for granted all the wonderful places to explore.  Sure everyone knows about the Grand Canyon and the Sedona Red Rocks, but have you been to the "Wave" or Kartchner Caverns.  WOW.  I have added links to these wonderful places in the "Explore AZ" tab and hope when you visit Arizona you can carve out time (pun intended) in your schedule to see these places.  I have also added Oak Creek Canyon and Canyon De Shelly to the list.  In the future, I will add more local attractions close to home.  I have included a link to Schnepf Farms, a place I enjoy immensely, especially when the peaches are ripe.   It was certainly a surprise to me to find out how good Arizona grown peaches can be!  Until next time, enjoy Arizona.